Hip Hip, Hooray ❣️

Never ready for the day.
Come along, let’s go play.

Armour on, God brushes me off.
Come on, get up, we’ve got a lot.

A lot of souls that need saving.
Planting, building and repairing.

With God leading the way.
I can face the day.

God has brushed all the scrapes away.
The scrapes of yesterday, try to hang on.

But God You’ve gone and brushed them off.
Hang on to me, don’t let me drop.

Now free as a bird, I get to play.
Within the lanes that God has made.

Go face the day, with God leading the way.
Now I can say,
“Hip, hip, Hooray!

Published by jenthefair

Go to my "this is me" section. You will read more than you ever wanted to know about me.

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