What do people want!?

What do people want?

They want pieces of you.
And they will take one piece at a time,
till you’re black and blue.

Until you are lacking, well……


Pieces hanging from here.
Pieces hanging from there.
No one really cares.

Now I’m not whole.

The Pieces taken, can I get them back?
Not fully intact, but maybe I can get some
Of my life back.

I should just let those pieces go.
Maybe just go with the flow.

The Pieces are gone.
So do I even want them back?
Given a new life,
I Should focus on that!

Stop looking back at the trail of pieces left behind.
Look forward, there will be, no rewind.

So just be kind.
The kindness I would like to receive.
I must give to others.

New pieces forming.

Boy am I enjoying this.

Rather than taking pieces from me.
This life is about picking up new pieces.
And Building me.

I Give and you give, leaves no space for taking.
Giving my life to The Lord.
Yes that’s in the making.

Gotta live on this Earth.
With all the people.
God create in me
a protective steeple.

May it reach high in the sky for all to see.

God’s Light shining bright from inside of me.

More like a lighthouse helping others through, the waters of life get turbulent ya know?

So look for my light, now I’m shining bright, high in the sky, with God’s protective Steeple.

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