In God’s Lap

The clouds have lifted,
They’re almost gone.
Not in a fog, I got it wrong.

Back in God’s Lap,
Cradled and Secure.
Lost focus for a sec,
Now rested and re-assured.

Had to find out,
Can’t do it on my own.

But …With God, ALL things
are possible.

The further I wander
from this rest,
the more restless I become.
No wandering! Just stay put.
With God, my life is all tied up.
Secure and All
But I stumble and fall.
God picks me up,
High upon the waves.
Makes me strong
makes me brave.
Clouds have cleared.
Now I can see.
Through The Eyes
of The One Who
Created me..

the world is gloomy
Kind of grey and kind of stormy.

I praise YOU Lord,
For patiently waiting
for my return to Your Naval.

In God’s Lap,
That’s where I’ll be.
Getting All the Rest that I need.

Published by jenthefair

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