My Knight will come❣️

He’s not the one,
The one I want.

The Dangling carrot,
Was all he was.

Fell in my lap,
Like all the rest.

But God, I did it.
I passed the test.

Thought it might be You.
The one who spoke.

But, Nope! It wasn’t
The Lord who spoke.

Temptation and chaos,
They had the rope.

That carrot dangles
And yep, it looked good.

But authentic it wasn’t.
He’s a dud, for sure.

Seek You first, is what You said.
Yet trying to take shortcuts, all the time instead.

Be more private and to yourself,
don’t bare all, for there’s not much to tell.

A life lacking drama is what I seek.
Yet boredom creeps and creeps and creeps.

Stay busy with Good, not obsessive thoughts.
Once that happens, God’s plan Will start..

Not controlling and judgemental, like the one before.
And not vigilant or Pius like the dangling carrot.

My Knight will come, I know he will.
Because I know Lord,
It is Your Will.

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