For my future person 😉❣️

Touching for me,
is a great connection.

I love your touch,
can’t get enough of it

You arouse me,
can’t you see?

But you mean
so much more to me.

Respect you,
I do.
For sure.
Love and connection,
Yep, you betcha,
I’m yours.

But how does this start?
Is it too soon?
False start?

Too good, to be true.
Though he Throws,
the right signals.

Am I catching them wrong?
As we mingle.

Signals get crossed.
For flirtatious,
Is he.

Can I tolerate that.
Once he’s mine to adore.

Or will this, send me,
running for the door.

Take the chance,
could get your heart broke,
Who is that, the one who spoke.

Guilt, has reared,
it’s ugly head.

Let’s start out,
as really good friends.

Connecting Soul to Soul,
And brain to brain.

Then connecting physically,

I’m all about it,
Bring it on,
Teach me, all you’ve got

Intimidating, sexually.
But what he’s looking for
Is more than that.

Soul connection❣️

The rest of it
doesn’t carry over
into heaven.

I give you my all.
Hoping it is enough.

Not like the others,
Who beat me up.

Could you love me?
With kindness, gentleness
and warmth?

If you think so,
Then you can have my heart.

Published by jenthefair

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