Don’t Miss the Boat

Not instinct to do things blindly.  I like it when he treats me kindly.  I have found that I’m not bound.  To what the world has to say.  Lies and deceit, the world just cheats.  It cheats and cheats and cheats and cheats.  Deception seems to be their weapon.  The world has treated me soContinue reading “Don’t Miss the Boat”

The dangling Carrot

Is the dangling carrot such a bad thing?  If it leads me to the right thing.  Where I can find  peace and quiet.  To eat the carrot once I find it.  Knowing how screwed up I’ve been.  Still wanting to hold my hand.  Touch me here and touch me there.  Trust me now, I’m notContinue reading “The dangling Carrot”

The Value in Hanging out with the Right people

I have found that when I hang around with and am in relationships with people who don’t treat me the best. Or around people who put me down a lot, or are very critical of me. Well, I tend to almost absorb it, as if this is the way things “should” be. As if theContinue reading “The Value in Hanging out with the Right people”

Sitting in the dark

6:47am….I’m sitting here in the dark. Literally, it’s so dark, other than the light coming from my phone. And the more I look at my phone and focus on the light and information coming from it…. When I look up it’s hard to re-adjust to the darkness (the world). It’s the same way with ourContinue reading “Sitting in the dark”

The Battle is the Lord’s

The enemy forces are not interested in “you”…. I mean they actually are, but not because you are you, but because God Loves you and said you are “excellent”. Then God looked over all that He had made, and it was excellent in every way. This ended the sixth day. – Genesis 1:31 TheContinue reading “The Battle is the Lord’s”

God has to Lay the Groundwork

God has to lay the groundwork, the foundation for my travels. Just like a train needs train tracks to move along smoothly and be directed where it needs to go. I see You, Lord the same way. As far as, unless You are placing the track down, it will not be a smooth ride. IContinue reading “God has to Lay the Groundwork”

Slithering Snake in the Grass

Slithering snake in the grass, how quickly you turn. Surrender to me they are no good. Trying to control you, no no no that’s not right. Let me help you, let me show you the light. Slither along, in the tall grass. Choking out any prey that gets in your way. Refusing to stay onContinue reading “Slithering Snake in the Grass”