My mind is racing. Racing all over  Thoughts are ridiculous,  coming faster and faster.  But what do I do with all of the thoughts that fall through?  Do I just toss them aside or look at them later?  I don’t know how that’s possible,  being that later never comes.  So then what do I doContinue reading “Restoration”


First Lord You Highlight the word “treasure” for me… I feel like I recognized that what I needed to learn, is that I am treasured by You, LORD. Also some people on this Earth consider me a treasure as well. Thank You for that, Lord. Then You Highlight the word “anguish”… You point out throughContinue reading “Abide”

All that I do, I do it for The Lord.

February 12, 2020 Year of Our Lord.  This morning when I woke up, You LORD, gave me the image of You as the Potter and me as the clay. Continue Lord to mold me and shape me into the being that You want me to be, help me not to resist. I love YOU LORDContinue reading “All that I do, I do it for The Lord.”

Are you existing or living?

The way You care for me LORD, it’s out of this world! Your Hand in mine, one step at a time. With care and ease is how We move. Separation is not optional, as connected as possible. We will brave the elements of life together. I can’t do this without You. So come on let’sContinue reading “Are you existing or living?”

God is my Warmth

February 3rd, 2020 Year of Our Lord, Monday, 7:40 a.m. Good morning, God. This morning… You drew me out of bed with the light of the sun and the promise of its warmth. Of course this made me think of You, Lord. With the changing of the weather from winter to “spring”, it brings alongContinue reading “God is my Warmth”

Before it’s too late

I can make requests, but God knows what’s best. Fussing and fightingWill get you nowhere. Sanity left, I need it back. Somewhere between sweetAnd meek. All jumbled up in my head. Sometimes, wish I were dead. Cause then Lord, I could explain. Why I do the things that seem insane. Guess I needed reminding. God’sContinue reading “Before it’s too late”