Falling Behind

Not a multi Tasker, 


I can’t do things faster. 

But get them done, 

I will indeed. 


there is a need. 

Mending hearts 

I do impart.

Of my kin 

I must depart

Follow Jesus 

they chose not. 

Puts me in a pretty rough


Pave the way, 

I do each day. 

God’s way 

will be 

the only way.

I need to paint not litigate. 

Clear my mind, 

so I’m not blind. 

This will take a bit of time. 

Feel like 

I’m falling behind. 

To have someone, would be nice

To have someone, that would be nice But not just anyone will suffice  For they must be kind and treat me right The kind that says,  “Love you, God bless you and goodnight”  A love that’s not embarrassed or ashamed To stand by my side through, thick and thin A love that will help me…

Two world’s

I went from a world where misery was the norm.Into a world where seeking happiness and being free of pain is their concern.Neither one, normal for me. The world of misery is misconceived. For you see, what you seek.For in your misery, that you have sought. There will be pain, yet happiness there is not.…

Thankful 11/25/2021

I’m thankful LordFor the breaths You give me.For the wonderful fact.That You,live in me.For every day, a new chance to serve You.Paying You back,By loving others.Not always easy, Yet quite a task.Lord, give me strength, that I might last. Thankful for God,Lord, Love me well.Hold me tight, Making all thingsRight❣️Jen the fair

My Knight will come❣️

He’s not the one, The one I want. The Dangling carrot, Was all he was. Fell in my lap, Like all the rest.But God, I did it.I passed the test.Thought it might be You.The one who spoke.But, Nope! It wasn’tThe Lord who spoke.Temptation and chaos, They had the rope.That carrot danglesAnd yep, it looked good.But…

This is how I thrive❣️

Never thought I’d get the nerve to move on without him in tow. But I did, I’m so proud of me, now that I’m the one leading. But I’m not used to leading. I have to figure outthis new position. I’ll take the lead but not really. God leading the way with me in tow,…


Hummingbird.Don’t make fun of me cuz I’m small. I’ll find ways to make me tall.High upon the pines I sit. Not much bigger than a tit.Make fun of me, can’t you see? I’m unique inSpecial ways.Like a rainbow 🌈 exposed by The Light. All the colors, shining bright.Not going to be phased,Going to do things…

It’s Kinda lonely in my cocoon

No one knows me, but me. So where does this leave me? Is this just the way it’s supposed to be? Maybe🤷‍♀️?It’s Kinda lonely in my cocoon,Comfort and sanity in my new life.Yep I think I’ve got it right. Yet….It’s Kinda lonely in my cocoon,Peace and tranquility reign over me, both parts of God now…


Lord,  What will tomorrow bring? Will it bring the rains? And will there be pain? Will it leave a strain? Straining,  To see the future. I betcha, it’s gonna be, Super Duper! This rhyme’s gotta stop. Getting stopped by the clock. Not enough time,  robbed of my life,  right in my prime. When will I…

In God’s Lap

The clouds have lifted,They’re almost gone.Not in a fog, I got it wrong.Back in God’s Lap,Cradled and Secure.Lost focus for a sec,Now rested and re-assured.Had to find out,Can’t do it on my own.But …With God, ALL things are possible.The further I wander from this rest, the more restless I become.No wandering! Just stay put.With God,…


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