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Always on, I never stop. When will the thoughts, stop!?Coming at a vicious pace, Kind of want, out of the race.Tired of life,But God reminds me, It’s not all strife. Because God is guiding. Don’t know what to do, Half the time. The other half, Just want to rhyme. Be in, my own, little world.OneContinue reading

Be Good

See if you can catch the vibe I’m trying to put out….. If you see the good in a person, it brings the good to the surface. If you bring the good to the surface, it means you’re helping that person be the best version of themselves.  Now…. Luke 6:31 Do to others as youContinue reading “Be Good”

Free to be me.

Feeling free to be myself.No longer, a scared little mouse. Opening doors,No one can close. Boy do I,feel exposed. Hundreds of times,I’ve seen that smile. So bright, you can see it,For miles and miles. Surrendering more and more, to The Lord. Bright shining face,So grateful for Grace. If it weren’t for God’s Grace,I’d be goneContinue reading “Free to be me.”

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