Don’t Miss the Boat

Not instinct to do things blindly. 

I like it when he treats me kindly. 

I have found that I’m not bound. 

To what the world has to say. 

Lies and deceit, the world just cheats. 

It cheats and cheats and cheats and cheats. 

Deception seems to be their weapon. 

The world has treated me so cruelly.

Fortunately, it doesn’t rule me. 

You came along, and proved them wrong. 

God has turned my weakness, strong. 

Didn’t know who I was, almost, 

missed the bus. 

Figuring it out. Running out of time. 

If I don’t hurry up I’ll miss the boat. 

Uh oh, I hear the whistle. 

What will it be, coal or tinsel. 

Never know, just blow and blow. 

Who could have ever known. 

The louder the whistle, the more the hustle. 

Wondering when things will settle. 

Don’t need to know. God’s in control. 

Already know I’m on the Roll. 

When God calls my name. 

It’s all Good. 

Jesus has removed the stains, 

made all things new. 

And I know God can do 

the same for you

The dangling Carrot

Is the dangling carrot such a bad thing? 

If it leads me to the right thing. 

Where I can find 

peace and quiet. 

To eat the carrot once I find it. 

Knowing how screwed up I’ve been. 

Still wanting to hold my hand. 

Touch me here and touch me there. 

Trust me now, I’m not scared. 

Pull me close, I like this the most. 

Now hold me tight, Ya that feels right. 

Take me out. Just a thought. 

Need a friend that won’t stop. 

Understand me, people do not. 

Selfish and stupid I am not. 

Got rid of that slop and negative talk. 

Need someone to keep me sane. 

Power through all the pain. 

Uh oh, here comes the crazy train! 

Getting ready to run me over again. 

My Mind seems crazy, feeling kind of racy. 

Sort it out Jen. Let’s not pretend. 

When you think, it’s not too quick. 

But deeper and deeper, 

now it’s too steep. 

Got stuck in my head. 

Now I am dead. 

No one left to make my bed.

The Value in Hanging out with the Right people

I have found that when I hang around with and am in relationships with people who don’t treat me the best. Or around people who put me down a lot, or are very critical of me. Well, I tend to almost absorb it, as if this is the way things “should” be. As if the way another person thinks of me, treats me, talks to me or about me, is setting the standard for how I now treat myself. I have always prided myself on being such a “strong” person. But that’s exactly what I was being, a person.History and Etymology for person. Middle English, from Anglo-French persona actors mask, character in a play, person, probably from Etruscan phersu mask, from Greek prosopa, plural of prosopon face, mask. So I have had a “tough” or “strong” person most of my adult and teen life. It certainly wasn’t who I really am. So naturally when I take off that “mask” and am no longer that “person” , those closest to me are confused. Especially if that “persons” “mask” is all they have known or seen in that “person”. So I guess they would be startled at the creation behind the “person” or “mask”. This is very eye-opening and disturbing to me all at the same time. Is it too much for everyone around me?, For me to take my “mask” off, to be revealed to the world as Gods’ creation , what He, intended HIS creation to BE💜

Does it cause them to be aware of their own masks? Is that why others are so uncomfortable when you take your “mask” off, or take away your persona and reveal Gods’ creation. I am a creation of God, my risen Savior. Now adopted into God’s family. I have been since I was 7 years old, but sometimes I forget. Yep, I become a forgetful Israelite. Forgetting God’s grace, mercy, forgiveness and immense love for me. Forgetting God’s promises, faithfulness and continued protection and provision. Help me to remember Lord.I know Lord, that part of my remembering all of those things, is taking off the “mask” the “person” I have become in order to not see the hurts in front of me. Things I couldn’t change, circumstances that were beyond my control. My eyes needed to be covered under certain circumstances, but I need to trust that when necessary, You Lord, “will cover my eyes”. I don’t need to take matters into my own hands and put the “masks” on any longer. Because although it shields me from seeing the hurts and experiencing the full blow of them sometimes, it obstructs my view of You, Lord. You are all I want to see. I want to see others through Your eyes as well. I need to be around people who are good to me and treat me Right. Right by Your Perfect standards Lord, not by the evil selfish, world’s standards. When I am around people who are critical and mean to me, my negative talk gets fed. It grows and now has more ammunition available for the opposing forces to use. I am not helping or working for the opposing forces! I’m in God’s army!!!!

💜While it is important to enter the Mission Fields or Battlegrounds, it is equally important to retreat and be alone with God and replenish. God does this for us super naturally, through prayer, rest, quiet, Bible study, Bible reading and other healthy Christians feeding into you. God help me to be balanced in my life. To look to You for my nutriment, You have everything I need to live in this world. The negative talk has been chattering a lot, but not saying much of anything. Just making me feel like I’m in a state of unrest. HOLY SPIRIT I pray that You Comfort me and cast out any negative spirit’s lingering about. All I want is YOU LORD 💜. Amen.I Love you, LORD.

Sitting in the dark

6:47am….I’m sitting here in the dark. Literally, it’s so dark, other than the light coming from my phone. And the more I look at my phone and focus on the light and information coming from it….

When I look up it’s hard to re-adjust to the darkness (the world). It’s the same way with our relationship with God. When we focus on Him (God) and only Him (God, the source of our LIGHT, through Jesus Christ) and the information that LIGHT SOURCE provides. Well, when we “look up”, so to speak, we have to re-focus. Making sure we are still seeing the “world” through the lens of Christ’s Mercy, once you “look up”. But…… the things that are important to this “world” have become trivial distractions in reality in the enemies hands. So it’s ok if it takes a minute to figure out how to adjust to or how to interact with the cold and selfish “world” , particularly when spending more and more time with You, God.

The adjustment is sometimes more difficult than others, depending on how oppositional your immediate “world”, circumstances or surroundings are. But it’s to be expected for the “world” and those who are of this world are in opposition to God.

For example, the enemy uses;

Politics…Sex…Media…Gossip…Money…Outward appearance…Fame etc. etc. I could go on and on, unfortunately. The ways of the “world” are in opposition to God’s ways. All of these things are important to God, in turn being made in God’s image we find importance in them as well. Unfortunately, or I should say expectantly… these things have been twisted, distorted and abused by the “world”. The opposing forces uses these tools while on this earth to confuse us because they know these are important areas of our lives. These things are only important while on this earth. So let us utilize these areas of our lives with righteousness.

These areas should be RULED and GOVERNED by God and His Wisdom.

🙃🌎Politics… in the enemies hands produce, arguments, separation and division. Hatred, war, and constant violence.

💜🙏POLITICS in GOD’S Hands… Perfect Rule, from a Loving all Powerful GOD. Governing in favor of His creation whom He adores and cherishes.

🙃🌎Sex… In the hands of the enemy, is tortured, abused and treated as filthy trash.

💜🙏In GOD’S Hands we get Life. And a Beautiful intimate bond between a man and a woman. So devoted to one another that “the two become as one”. Caring just as much for his body as he does yours and vise versa.

🙃🌎Media… In the “world’s” hands, lies, gossip, feeding hatred. Out for fame and fortune at any cost.

💜🙏In GOD’S Hands, His Kingdom will grow. Pastors being able to speak to people that are unable to physically go to church. Bible study lessons and other people’s testimonies that are helpful encouragements to other people. People in hospitals or in prison who are out of touch with others, they have media at their fingertips. For example, Relationship not Religion page on Facebook.

🙃🌎Gossip… In the hands of the “world” once again lies, deception and feeding negativity.

💜🙏In GOD’S Hands it’s no longer “gossip” it’s TRUTH. Information from God’s Word. Evangelism is what GOD turns gossip into. Pass it on..the Great Commission.

🙃🌎Money…never enough$$ mentality. It can and will consume you left in the “world’s” hands.

💜🙏In GOD’S Hands it helps, heals and supplies. In every way the earth makes possible.

🙃🌎Outward appearance…. In the “world’s” hands ugh… don’t get me started. It’s so distorted by the world, I don’t even know where to start. So we will leave it there.

💜🙏In GOD’S Hands … we are beautiful and capable of doing anything and everything God has for us to do. Do our part by taking care of our body through diet and exercise. Be purposely healthy in every way, mind, body and soul. 💜

The Battle is the Lord’s

The enemy forces are not interested in “you”…. I mean they actually are, but not because you are you, but because God Loves you and said you are “excellent”.

Then God looked over all that He had made, and it was excellent in every way. This ended the sixth day. – Genesis 1:31

The enemy forces have their eye on one thing….. God.
The all POWERFUL, Always Present, filled with LOVE for HIS creation, GOD.
The ONE, the only, GOD💜

The enemy only targets us because they are after God.

Satan/Lucifer is still trying to be more powerful than GOD.

He is angry, frustrated, envious and going to throw as big a fit as he can before his final punishment.

Trying to turn as many people against God as he can.

They don’t care how they do it, it could be false religion, sex, music, broken families, killing babies, desensitizing people until no one feels anything.

All who are not SAVED by the Blood of Christ are just sleep walking zombies, existing/exiting through life.

The opposing forces, aren’t trying to win anyone to “their” side because “they” don’t have a side.

Each one fights for themselves, like spoiled stingy little two year olds, mine, mine and they will “lie”, “bite”, “kick”, “scream” and “fight” to feed their anger, fear, anxiety, shame and all of the other things that got them there and keep them there in Satans’/Lucifers’ army.

But they know that the final punishment will come but they don’t know when, so they are going to do their worst to injure God.
But because they are so helpless against our, all POWERFUL GOD, the God of all creation, their only leverage to injure God, is to hurt God’s “excellent” creation from the 6th day.

So here is where this brings us… we as the human race and being made in God’s image, are the collateral damage as “being warriors” in GODS’ KINGDOM, being one of Your children, Your “excellent” 6th day creation 💜🙏😊

I want You to always feel pleasure concerning that beautiful 6th day of creation that You, LORD, called “excellent”.

Remember, when fighting spiritual attacks, don’t take it personal, the battle isn’t yours, the “fight” isn’t with us.

We are in the way, conveniently for the enemy anyway.

Rather than shove Christ followers out of their way, the enemy prefers to trick, and confuse as much as they are able to anyway, His creation into believing lies as Truth. Because of the Purification of the BLOOD of CHRIST, it is not possible once we accept that Sacrifice given through the cross of Jesus Christ. [John 10:28,29 “No one shall snatch them away from me, for my Father has given them to me, and He is more powerful than anyone else, so no one can kidnap them from me.”].

The enemy is always trying to sneak into those few areas of your being that you may not have fully surrendered to God and therefore isn’t fully protected by Him.

Or they are looking for those who are digging their heels into this world, so that they can convince us that this is all there is, dangling the carrot… so to speak.

Those people who have a void that only God should be in, yet fill it with the false pleasures of this evil world.

The opposing forces are like hungry wild scavengers, lurking in the dark, attempting to devour everything in its path that isn’t covered and protected by the BLOOD of Jesus Christ and exposed by Christs’ LIGHT of Love and Perfect surrender.
You can try to go it on your own as the Old Testament God followers do and try, but….. we aren’t perfect and that’s a battle that if you go into without the BLOOD of CHRIST, you will most definitely lose.

And if you do not receive the Comforting, WARM EMBRACE of God’s Holy Spirit into your life… again, 👎 battle lost, because our soul, our spirit, our conscience, our mind could not survive living in this world without the Comfort of Gods’ Holy Spirit.

We would go completely insane, maybe that is the reason for all of the mental illness in the world today.

They are trying to go through life without the Peace and Comfort of GODS’ HOLY SPIRIT.

You could know God and know Jesus but how do you survive in this world without GODS’ HOLY SPIRIT, you can’t, you would go insane.

The more I know God, the nearer i draw to Him, the more sensitive I am to the afflictions of this world and the evil in it.

It is only through the UNITED TRINITY of God (Creator), Jesus Christ (the SAVIOR of the world), and Gods’ Holy Spirit (the experience of our supernatural Creator, dwelling within us, giving us a very “PIECE” of GOD Himself, that we may have Peace.

John 10:9,10 Yes, I am the Gate. Those who come in by way of the Gate will be saved and will go in and out and find green pastures. The thief’s purpose is to steal, kill and destroy. My purpose is to give life in all its fullness.”

And through this TRINITY although truly ONE💜, we find True Peace and Joy in living our lives for GOD’S glory, for His purpose.

God has to Lay the Groundwork

God has to lay the groundwork, the foundation for my travels. Just like a train needs train tracks to move along smoothly and be directed where it needs to go. I see You, Lord the same way. As far as, unless You are placing the track down, it will not be a smooth ride. I know You want me to wait for You to place the pieces of track on, so that I can take the next step in my journey.

But…. “I wanna go now!” Says the impatient brat in me…. I’m sorry, Lord. I thank You so much, that You have an immeasurable amount of Patience, Grace and Forgiveness for me 💜 Help me LORD to be patient and wait on You to lay the track. I’m not going anywhere that I should be, anyway, without being in God’s vessel and in this case it’s a TRAIN.

So I’m going to stay in the Train, even when it’s not moving. During this time I need to utilize whoever and whatever You have placed inside of my Train.

I have to take time to search for the “clues” (skills, insight and knowledge) You have available for me to acquire or learn in order for the next steps in my journey to go on. Help me to search the Train and not meander “off track” searching and never finding what I needed for the next steps.


Because You can only find and utilize what God has given you in the boundaries of the TRAIN. The world will try to find replicas and imposters to fill voids. Yet, all this does is draw you further and further from where you need to be, in order to serve God in the capacity that He is deserving of. You don’t lose your TRAIN, for this is acquired only once You place your life in God’s hands through full surrender to God’s Sacrifice made through Jesus Christ. But we can steer off course and let me tell you, that makes for a really long, tough road to nowhere….

No, it doesn’t lead to hell, don’t forget you still have your Train. You just have to get back to it, get on it and listen to God’s instruction and wait for Him to lay the TRACK. Then….. don’t hesitate to go, because as long as you are in that Train, on TRACK, God will provide the nutriment along the way. He will supply all that is needed for the Journey ahead. Thank You Lord.

I love talking to You.


Train definition…. The word to describe “TRAIN” fits what You were telling me, LORD, in every way…. Which is funny because when You gave me these thoughts and words to put down, I thought, a “train” Lord? I have no interest in trains, I know nothing about trains, how do I use this?

All my questions were answered once I looked up the definition.

Train: Verb.

***(tr)-to guide or teach (to do something), as by subjecting to various exercises or experiences to train a man to fight.

>>>You, Lord are my Teacher, my Guide. I am thankful for all of the times that You have subjected me to various (exercises) trials, tribulations and triumphs in order to, Train me to be a proper member of YOUR KINGDOM (Army), Your, family, LORD. I feel like a recruiter for God’s army at this point in my life, my more active part is over. I need to feed into and help nourish those actively fighting, LORD, thank You.

***(tr)- to control or guide towards a specific goal to train a plant up a wall

>>>Lord with YOU this life has meaning and purpose. There is, a “specific goal”. Our Father wants us all to come back to Him, rejoin His family. Remember we are made in our Heavenly Father’s image. He desperately wants His “excellent” 6th day creation to be reunited with Him. So please, Lord, control and gently Guide me and my train, towards my goal of joining You one day in Heaven. But in the meantime… there is work to be done while on this earth. Thank You and I love You.

***noun- a line of coaches or wagons coupled together and drawn by a railway locomotive

>>>We aren’t traveling alone, our Train automatically comes with “cars”. God is the Engine and the Caboose, He goes before me and always has my back (caboose). There is at least one other car, because somehow God’s Word, the information about Jesus Christ was planted, (or you wouldn’t have a train), someone had to have planted it. A “train car” is created for that person and any others that help you grow spiritually.

***(as modifier) – a train ferry a sequence or series, as of events, thoughts, etc a train of disasters.

>>>The train represents my life, how many “train cars” there are, represents the people I have fed into and have fed into me. Using God’s Word, prayer’s and doing His Will, not my own. My train is owned by God, it was purchased by God and built by God. My life belongs to YOU LORD 💜

***-a procession of people, vehicles, etc, travelling together, such as one carrying supplies of ammunition or equipment in support of a military operation

>>>In my train I would like to believe that there are other Christ followers, proceeding along with me. Traveling together, carrying the supply, ammunition and support needed in order to, heal, help and nourish those who have been fighting The GOOD fight.

***a series of interacting parts through which motion is transmitted a train of gears.

>>>God is the “MOTION” transmitting throughout my whole train, creating movement and momentum in my life.

Everything that I put down from the definitions for train, especially what is underlined, specifically points to what You are telling me through this analogy….. go figure ☝️💜🙏😏😊YOU are such an Amazing FATHER 💜

Slithering Snake in the Grass

Slithering snake in the grass, how quickly you turn.

Surrender to me they are no good.

Trying to control you, no no no that’s not right.

Let me help you, let me show you the light.

Slither along, in the tall grass.

Choking out any prey that gets in your way.

Refusing to stay on the right path.

Slithering through creating wrath.

Come sweet surrender, it will be okay.

I’ll protect you nothing gets in my way.

Ok, let’s play, nothing will get in our way.

But must I choke out my prey!?

For this causes me dismay.

I can’t stand the wrath and aftermath.

What causes you dismay!?

My way!?

Now you’re in my way!

I’ve been choking you out the whole time we played.

Slither on by!!!

For I’m still breathing.

You haven’t choked me out yet.

I still have breath in my body and life in my bones.

I must destroy this slithering snake or run far away.

I’m no longer your prey! I pray.

Go feast on someone else today.

For God’s way is The only Way.

What you have shown me is not of The FATHER.

I’m following Him, sorry for the bother.

When surrendered to the Lord, my Soul is Secured.

Happiness on earth is fleeting, while people keep on weeping.

Sometimes the pests need clearing.

For my garden must be free.

Free of the serpent.

And filled with Goodness ,

Grace and Mercy

from our Good God.


Hi, it’s me Jen the Fair and Just

I did a Bible study about a year ago and I had to use my name as an acronym stating who God has made me to be. I’m a “rule” follower, but I like a lot of wiggle room within the rule. So I wrote a whole thing on who I believe God made me to be. Not the world, but God….

Here it is……

Lord You gave me this, this is not of myself.

Jennifer The Virtuous You said it Yourself.

Because on the world you have depended not.

While the world tried so hard to toughen me up.

Lower your standards, no you would not!

Virtue is strength and while humbled would not stop.

God foresaw the path she must take.

This is why He did not hesitate.

At times very dark.

But with Virtue and Spark, God’s light leading the way all of her days.

Professing God’s Holy ways.

I must confess, on so many days I just slept the days away.

Jennifer The Virtuous, genuine and pure.

To her Creator did she look for the Cure.

For Righting the wrongs and helping the poor.

Not at what’s in front of her but at the stars above.

For she knows there’s so much more than measly little Mars.

Jennifer The Virtuous glad for the spark.

Fly high above it all, for riches rise and fall.

The Lord is my treasure and my crown, God’s not messing around.

Don’t want to live six feet underground.

This seems to be where the world abounds.

My Virtue is due to God’s Holy might.

It’s God’s Holy Spirit that helps me to fight.

Six feet under ground!?!?

For I am not bound to what this world has to say.

Virtue and Purity innocence abounds.

Now God’s got Jennifer 10 feet above town.

Dancing on waves way above it all.

With God she won’t fall.

Lord thanks for the call,

You’re insights so precious just like gems.

I cannot tell You enough how amazing You’ve been.

So I’ll leave it right here with this piece of advice.

Give it to God He’ll get it Right.

So thank You again for all that You’re doing.

Especially what’s pending, I know You’re not through yet.

But I do know that when I am through,

I will be dancing on the waves with You Lord.