Lost in God’s Eyes

So lost in God’s Eyes.
This is no surprise.

Keep your eyes on the Lord!
Are the shouts that I heard.

So I looked to The Lord.
For Love and Support.

And He poured it on down
Like He’s always done before.

God’s Love is immense.
You should give it a chance.

More than the world,
Has in store,
Weathering every storm.

Alive in Christ,
Jesus calms the storms.

Even storms that I
Have tried hard to ignore.

Reveal it all Lord.
Strip me bare.

Start at the beginning.
And build up, from there.

Lost in God’s Eyes.
So easy to do.

Don’t want to look away.
So, In this position,
I’ll continue.

Gazing, lovingly into God’s Eyes.

how they


Now the world is gone.
It’s just me and You.

Now there’s nothing

We can’t do.

I struck the rock!

I struck the rock.

✓Just like Moses, I got frustrated with the people.

✓Just like Moses, I lacked patience.

✓Just like Moses, I struck the rock.

I struck the rock by taking on responsibilities in other people’s lives that were God’s, not mine.

When people would come to me with problems I would help them unburden themselves.

Unfortunately a lot of times, after pointing them to the Problem Solver, God.

I would then carry them there, and carry some of that burden for them.

This is not good on so many levels.

  1. If they aren’t feeling the weight of their burden, they won’t feel the need to take it to the Lord.
  2. Carrying them to the Lord, robs them of all of the experiences that create, a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
  3. I don’t have the strength to carry anyone’s burdens.

God always lightened my load in life so that I don’t feel burden, but joy.

But God will only take what is right, the unhealthy excess is why we feel burdened.

If I’m stepping into an area I shouldn’t, in someone’s life, or taking on burdens of others, God will point this out to me.

Because then my burden feels too heavy, when it is weighing me down.

Honestly if I feel burdened at all I know that I need to give it to God.

The ones that are mine to carry.


Release from my grip all that was never mine to carry in the first place.

So while I have quietly criticized Moses for striking the rock, and missing out on seeing the promised land.

In my own life, I’ve been striking the rock.

Because it wasn’t about the faith of Moses, God knew Moses was a faithful man.

But the people Moses was leading, were a rebellious, sometimes faithless crowd.

They were looking at him for God’s instruction, they believe what they see.

What those faithless people saw was that… Moses struck the rock and water came out.

Moses and God knew it wasn’t because Moses struck the rock.

But what does that do for the faithless followers?

Same goes for my striking of the rock.

They see that, I can take these burdens. They see that I, can do……. emphasis on me, not God.

All glory and honor to God not me.

Not to mention I don’t want glory or honor.

Glory and Honor come with a price and I don’t have what it takes to pay that price.

The Lord God Almighty, through Jesus Christ was the only one who had this Payment.

You can’t lead people half way to God and then intercede for them the rest of the way.

Lead them to The Lord, then, ……. Step out of the way and let God be God.

Pay careful attention to your own work, for then you will get the satisfaction of a job well done, and you won’t need to compare yourself to anyone else. For we are each responsible for our own conduct.
Galatians 6:4‭-‬5 NLT

Came to the end, with a filled cup.

The Lord is my reward.

For He is who I adore.
Abide in Him.

Won’t need a thing.
Live in harmony and peace, with bears, bats and lemmings.

Reaching out to get a glimpse.

Of God’s great Sacrifice.
Following Jesus.

For He has shown us.
How to live,

with a bonus.

(The gift of The Holy Spirit)

God’s in control.

This fact I thought,

was already taught.
So live our lives.

In peace and harmony.

For God has got a peaceful army.
Marching forward one step at a time.

All because
The Lord is DeVine.

With the full armor of God.

We can stand tall.
Defeat the enemy.

With plenty of Love.

God is my supply. So fill me up.
Came to the end. With a filled cup.
Overflowing and all.
Cuz when I heard the call.

I ran, not walked, and all evil stopped.

At the sight of our God.

Preparing for battle,
with this odd little girl.

After all, who thought she mattered?

All Satan could do was tattle.

But to who?
For all his army does is chatter and clamor.

For this little girl may be odd.

But she is perfect for this battle.

A Private, Corporal or a Sergeant ? But a position I get.

Not that I deserve it.
Been fighting this fight, all my life.
Now as a senior in God’s army.

The weapon of LOVE is the One that I cherish.
God’s the one fighting.

I just need the armor.

So swing away, The Lord’s calling me home.
I’m done now. I’m ready to go.

Until YOU retire me. I will stay in position.

Poised and ready to Love everyone, for this is my mission.


Fill me up Lord, I want Your cup.

Must I wait, ’til The pearly gates?

Is this my fate?
Or must I just wait?

Not an escape
But feeding the hate.

Add fuel to the fire.
Causing muck and mire.

Never satisfied.
Bleed me dry.
This is not how I die.

Fill me up, Lord
I want Your cup.

It will take pain to get the gain.
But I won’t be slain.

Alive and vibrant.
Free to be me.

Who exactly,
Would that be?

The mom? The wife?
The daughter, the sister?

That little girl from before?
The one that they all ignored.

God You’ve made me.
Now instruct and guide me.

Tell me who I am.
Please show me where to go.
And tell me who to be.

No one knows.
Not even me.

God’s Bright shadow.Darkness reversed.

Living life to bring God glory.
I’ve been written into God’s story.

Stumbling blocks, all around.
Satan, you have been found.

Can’t trip me up. My God is tough.
He takes the arrows and other stuff.

In God’s Bright shadow.
Is where I reside.

God’s Bright shadow.
Darkness reversed.

Close as can be.
God made us from dirt.

Shift into high gear.
God’s ready to work.

Take heed as you see.
We too must take a knee.

Humble ourselves.
Surrendering to The Lord.

Just as so many,
Had done before.

Give up!?
What are you
fighting for!?
I just don’t know,

This is the lie
that I must

David and Bathsheba never meet?!?

How else would we have The wisdom of The Book of Proverbs or Ecclesiastes, if David and Bathsheba never met?

If David didn’t stay home, if he didn’t see Bathsheba bathing on the rooftop? Under what circumstances would David and Bathsheba meet?

David’s sin has been repeatedly brought up concerning Bathsheba and her rooftop bathing. But how else would they meet, fall in love and have Solomon. God ordained Solomon.

Did God ordain a moment that Bathsheba did not hear?

Did David not patiently wait for the Right circumstances under which he and Bathsheba would meet?

Who knows?🤷🏽‍♀️

But one thing I know for sure….
God is RIGHT!

If there is a mess up, sin of any kind or a mishap in timing, it’s always a shortcoming on our part. Always!

So this thought just makes me wonder…..
If someone is meant to be in this world, a very specific you, for a very specific purpose in God’s Kingdom, nothing will stop it from happening.

All things are possible with God.

The way that David responded to God when David’s sin was pointed out to him, is an amazing example of how to Right a wrong with God, when it’s brought to your attention.

1.) He recognized and repented. Asked God to forgive him for sinning.

“I have sinned against the Lord,” David confessed to Nathan. Then Nathan replied, “Yes, but the Lord has forgiven you, and you won’t die for this sin. – 2 Samuel 12:13

2.) Then David took the situation he had caused because of his own sin and disobedience to The Lord. Put in God’s Righteous and Holy Hands.

David begged him to spare the child and went without food, and lay all night before the Lord on the bare earth. The leaders of the nation pleaded with him to get up and eat with them, but he refused. Then, on the seventh day, the baby died. David’s aides were afraid to tell him. – 2 Samuel 12:16-17

3.) Then once he received God’s final answer on things, he didn’t argue, bargain or negotiate, but accepted God’s answer as final, Just and Right.

This is an amazing model God gave us through David, Bathsheba and Solomon.

Yep, we are going to mess things up and trip ourselves up.

But we can not…. Stop God.

The Lord’s plans and purposes will come to pass,

in His Timing, not our own.

in His Strength, not our own.

in God’s Will, not our own.

Authored by: J.N.

God’s Love

If he loves me so
And this i know!?!

Then why does love
deliver such a blow?

The Love I know
doesn’t hurt like this.

Give me a kiss
then punch me in the lip!

If this is how it is then
I’m giving you the slip.

Love hurt!?

Not true.
Love is God.
And that’s the Truth.

So why must you
treat me so mean.
What did I do
to deserve this treatment.

Did I not love you
Without condition?

Loved you through the season’s

Now I’ve got my reasons
For changing into me now.

It really isn’t treason.
I have a great reason.

Loving myself with the Love of Christ
Now I finally got it Right.

Peace and tranquility.
Now I’m feeling it.

Calm, no storm.
Love, no hate.
Good, not bad.
Happy, not sad.

Love me like you do!?
Please don’t be so rude.

God has set the stage.
Now follow in His Name.

He will show you how.
To stand out in the crowd.
God will be so proud.

Now live your life out loud.
Love liberally.
Withhold hate and judgement.

Love without conditions
For God Loves you too.

What would the world look like
If we all took this to heart.

Because God loved us from the start.

Right there in
The Garden of Eden.

Held us closer
Even though we didn’t listen.

Draw us near Lord
For You want us not to fear.
Comfort and strength is what You offer.
Anything else isn’t worth the bother.

Run to The FATHER
For He is for You.
Not against us I know.
For my Father’s for me and you.

Grab hold of His Hand and understand God’s Good and Love.

Not hate or bad

The Lord will have none of that!

God Mountains

God Mountains

Just a piece of dust?

Maybe a handful of dirt?

Pebbles upon the surface?

Rocks large, medium and small rocks of all kinds?

Boulders, huge boulders?

A big beautiful, huge Mountain?

What size is your GOD Mountain?

Sometimes God’s children forget who their FATHER is and need a reminder of our place in the creation story. Realizing that our Heavenly Father Truly does Know Best.

“But I want to be as big and beautiful as the sky….. With all of the beauty of the clouds, sunsets, sun, moon, stars and all of their vastness.” Creation cries out to their Lord, their King, our FATHER, our Creator.

God Says… ” This is not your place! you came from dust but as a Mountain you shall return to ME….

A mighty Mountain supplying refuge, safety and security to others who are seeking You Lord. Inviting them to come to God, through Jesus Christ upon the peaks of my Mountain, my Life. It doesn’t seem accurate to use the pronoun “my” before the word Life. It should be Our Life, LORD. Thank You, Lord for never leaving my side.

Your Beauty, Lord, is shining down upon us from the heavens. You have given us such an enticing and beautiful foretaste of all that You have for us Lord, when we will join You one day in heaven. But for now this is our action plan while on this earth.

1st) You Lord, are Shining Your Light of perfection upon us helping us find our identity. Our True identity, given to us by our Creator, not the wonky fallen world’s identity. Grab hold of God and who He says you are. (He knows, He created you)

2nd ) Build a God Mountain, built with God moments. Standing tall for all to see. Acts that reflect and Glorify The Lord. Shine your light, from the highest peaks of your God mountain.

3rd ) Invite others to start the same journey with You, LORD. Until all that’s left is a beautiful Mountain range of God’s “excellent Sixth-Day creations”. There will be so many big and beautiful God Mountains, towering their proclamations of God’s Workmanship in our lives mixed with full surrender to You LORD and all You give us. AMEN

Although we want to be as beautiful as God, and appear as Him…. Being Christ like, being a follower of Jesus Christ is what builds the Mountain. Jesus is the One who, Rock by Rock, leads us step by step, to display our God moments, proudly stacking them high.

1 Corinthians:1.27-31
Instead, God has deliberately chosen to use ideas the world considers foolish and of little worth in order to shame those people considered by the world as wise and great. He has chosen a plan despised by the world, counted as nothing at all, and used it to bring down to nothing those the world considers great, so that no one anywhere can ever brag in the presence of God. For it is from God alone that you have your life through Christ Jesus. He showed us God’s plan of salvation; he was the one who made us acceptable to God; he made us pure and holy and gave himself to purchase our salvation. As it says in the Scriptures,If anyone is going to boast, let him boast only of what the Lord has done.
1 Corinthians:1.27-31

Enduring and abiding in The Lord and the Love God showed us through Jesus’ Sacrifice on Calvary’s hill. God picks us up each time we stumble, helping us each and every time. So that we may continue, persevering to place those beautiful God moments there on top of our Mountain.

Sometimes I wait at the spot God has led me to for the next step in my Journey with Him.

Sometimes…. I meander over and across the mountain. And…. I don’t like to admit it but….

Sometimes I go back down the mountain and visit places that The Lord has already conquered in my life. Or maybe times when God saw me through and I have had a God moment and was taught God lessons. But… I guess I forget and have to go back down the mountain to re-learn the lesson.

Thank You Lord, for being so patient with my backsliding. I love You. I Don’t want to be a forgetful Israelite, I want to be a faithful Abraham, David, or Israel (Jacob). AMEN.

Only through You Lord, will I have the strength to endure a lot of these God moments. Because so often while I’m battling the enemy forces, it doesn’t “feel” so Good when I’m in the middle of the battle. But as long as You LORD, go before me, and You cement close what lies behind me, so that I’m not backsliding anymore. Catch me when I start to fall, Lord. It is scary when I start backsliding, Lord. You are in control of my life, so naturally when the enemy forces are fighting for that control, it will of course feel like I am out of control. The problem is when that backsliding picks up momentum and I convince myself that I can’t “stop”, I end up sliding, out of control. That’s when GOD’S LOVE comes in with all of the STRENGTH that His LOVE comes with. And as long as we turn around and remember we aren’t, the sun, moon, stars or any of the representations of God’s Glorious vastness. But we are God’s excellent Sixth-Day creation, and we are made in our FATHERS image. He will continue to grow our Mountains, as long as we empty our hands, so that we can accept the next rock, pebble, piece of dust or boulder that God wants to place in our hands. Then remember, God’s Holy Spirit will help you carry it up there. So don’t fret, don’t sweat it, look at the Helper not the assignment. Focus on Jesus, not the waves. Focus on building the arc, not on all of the people saying you are crazy. Then place it upon your Mountain, get a little rest in God’s ARMS, then reach your hand out for the next assignment, the next mission.

Happy Mountain Building 🤗

God has all aspects of me.

Lead me to You always, Lord.

God has all aspects of my life.

In the confusion
It is The Lord who answers my questions,
and silences Satan.

“Hush! For you have no business here and no rights.

Certainly no say so.

God rules this soul!

The tiny crack that you came through.
Go on back!!!

God says,

“Jennifer belongs to me,
solid, strong and bound to ME.
There’s nothing you can do to her.”

Never leaving God’s side.
Don’t let me drift too far out of Your sight.

Thank You Lord for Your protection.
Knowing this is what I wanted.
You’re there when I don’t see it.
Never leaving in any season.

Faith imparted.
So glad I grabbed hold, soon as I started.

Couldn’t imagine life without You.
Don’t have to, thanks to Your Love and ComPassion
Loved us from the beginning.
Even when we were sinners.
It was us and the fall that made us all sinful.

But God, You had a plan

to send Your Son First.

So then we can follow.

While living on earth.

Lead me to You always.
For death’s been defeated
God is all that was needed.
Now Satan stands No chance.
All he can do is dance.

Dance his dance, make it look attractive.
But we all know, all of his tactics.

Leave me alone
God’s got me on loan.
And it’s to Him alone
My life belongs.