Always on, I never stop.
When will
the thoughts, stop!?
Coming at a vicious pace,
Kind of want,
out of the race.
Tired of life,
But God reminds me,
It’s not all strife.
Because God is guiding.
Don’t know what to do,
Half the time.
The other half,
Just want to rhyme.
Be in,
my own,
little world.
One Where,
God is the Ruler.
Satan tries so hard,
to gain ground.
Yet never going to,
God’s all around.
Because life abounds.
When God’s in control,
Satan underground, under God’s feet,
Smashing his head.
Satan met defeat,
God, gave me Life,
Not sorrow.
But my beautiful Life
Has been bought, not borrowed.
God abounds, the Holy Spirit surrounds.
Pick me up, off the ground
Gaining ground, feeling sound.
In all that I do
Yes, With every breath,
May I Love You
serve You,
To make all things great.

Be Good

See if you can catch the vibe I’m trying to put out…..

If you see the good in a person, it brings the good to the surface.

If you bring the good to the surface, it means you’re helping that person be the best version of themselves. 


Luke 6:31 Do to others as you would have them do to you.

Don’t you want to be the best version of you that you can be?

Don’t you want to bring out the good in others?

Matthew 5:48 Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

Be the best version of you, and help bring out the best in others.


Free to be me.

Feeling free to be myself.
No longer,
a scared little mouse.

Opening doors,
No one can close.

Boy do I,
feel exposed.

Hundreds of times,
I’ve seen that smile.

So bright, you can see it,
For miles and miles.

Surrendering more and more,
to The Lord.

Bright shining face,
So grateful for Grace.

If it weren’t for God’s Grace,
I’d be gone from this place.

Separating spirit from flesh,
God has cleaned up the mess.

Where the Spirit is strong,
The flesh is weak.

Not a meek little mouse,
But a roaring lion.

God is helping me,
Slay my giants.

A diamond in the rough,
Yep, God saw it.
A beautiful me, wild and free.


Oh the pretenders,
Not knowing who they are.
Always looking for, who sets the bar.

Don’t have to look far, you know who you are.
A fake, a phoney, it’s such a facade.

All about the show, and who you know.
Can’t go too far, with others setting the bar.

Oozing false confidence. But where is the balance?
No balance here, just teetering and tottering.

Can’t you see, this life is broke?!
Life like this, is such a joke.

Now pick up the pace, get in the race.
Don’t look at others, run the race at your pace.

Gifts and dreams to call your own.
God’s shaping, guiding and He’s molding.

Don’t look at others to imitate.
Your unique, so embrace your fate.

Jesus Christ, lived His life,
made us kin, yep, welcomed us in.

Into God’s Storehouse and He wants you to use,
all of the gifts that He’s given to you.

Not somebody else, already got that worked out.

Not all are alike, God makes us all different,
Unique and dynamic yet with no division.

United as one, we’re on a mission,
God leading the way, till that mission is finished.

…Jenn the Fair…

Love myself!?❣️

God, is my Everything

You overwhelm me,
with Your Grace.

While drowning in

Your ocean of grace,
It’s so peaceful, and I can’t wait.

Breathing saved for later.
Completely saturated.

Falling deeper and deeper,
into Your Grace.

Bottomless depths and neverending shorelines.
Keep falling and falling.

No bottom to Your Grace.
So enlace me Lord,
with Your Grace.

Intertwine me.
You are mine.

So drown me Lord don’t want to come up.
Up for air, the world is lost.

Gotta take a deep breath,
cause I’m going back under.
Your Grace is all encompassing.
So I need not wonder.

Which area of life are You in?
Your In it all Lord,
You are my everything.

Prodigal son’s

While waiting for God’s timing.
I will keep on rhyming.

I’ve come out of hiding.
Stopped all the fighting.

Now God has got me shining.
Joy fills my air.

For Jen the fair is now aware.
God’s Love surrounding,
forever binding.

God’s blessings, abounding.
Part of God’s army.

Full Armour of God
Protect the outside.

While God’s Holy Spirit,
on the inside
Fills me up, builds me up
and takes the enemy down.

May Your Kingdom come
And Your Will be done.

Lord, come to earth,
God’s precious SON.

When Lord,

You say.


“Now my children, Come on home.
The work is finished,
My prodigal son’s.”

Watching the Sinking ship

Sinking ship,

Full of anger and pride.

Can’t go on, for it weighs a ton.

Going under,

pull out all the stops!

Bully her,

chain her,

shut her up.

What happened?

This used to work!?

Not anymore,

No more abuses!

Filled with joy,

nothing can destroy.

God’s Holy Spirit,

leading the charge.

Use me Lord,

in leaps and bounds.

God heard my cries.

Heard my S.O.S.

For in my distress,

God fixed my mess.

Didn’t save the ship,

but tossed me a life saver.

Grabbed hold, feeling bold with God’s confident favor.

Love the way, My lifes unfolding.
It’s God’s Hand, that I’m holding.

God molds, prunes

and refines me.

Only God can truly define me.

Identity in Christ,

For this is Right.


The One Who,

paid the price.

Died for all,

now hear His call.

Serve Him well and
May God’s Kingdom come.

Come today,

come tomorrow,

May Your Will be done,

all over.

Bye bye, ship,

you had your time.

Surrender to God,
Don’t be blind.

Feeling Joy

Feeling Joy
I know You’re here.
If You weren’t
I would feel fear.

I feel You close.
Not to boast.
I’ve loved You
And now it shows.

Your glory abounding
All around me.
It’s You, i
Feel deep in my core.
This feeling,
I can not Ignore.

God’s Holy Spirit
I want more and more.

So fill me Lord
Even more.

I’m spilling over.
Into Your people,
Of whom You adore.