God, is my Everything

You overwhelm me,
with Your Grace.

While drowning in

Your ocean of grace,
It’s so peaceful, and I can’t wait.

Breathing saved for later.
Completely saturated.

Falling deeper and deeper,
into Your Grace.

Bottomless depths and neverending shorelines.
Keep falling and falling.

No bottom to Your Grace.
So enlace me Lord,
with Your Grace.

Intertwine me.
You are mine.

So drown me Lord don’t want to come up.
Up for air, the world is lost.

Gotta take a deep breath,
cause I’m going back under.
Your Grace is all encompassing.
So I need not wonder.

Which area of life are You in?
Your In it all Lord,
You are my everything.

Prodigal son’s

While waiting for God’s timing.
I will keep on rhyming.

I’ve come out of hiding.
Stopped all the fighting.

Now God has got me shining.
Joy fills my air.

For Jen the fair is now aware.
God’s Love surrounding,
forever binding.

God’s blessings, abounding.
Part of God’s army.

Full Armour of God
Protect the outside.

While God’s Holy Spirit,
on the inside
Fills me up, builds me up
and takes the enemy down.

May Your Kingdom come
And Your Will be done.

Lord, come to earth,
God’s precious SON.

When Lord,

You say.


“Now my children, Come on home.
The work is finished,
My prodigal son’s.”

Watching the Sinking ship

Sinking ship,

Full of anger and pride.

Can’t go on, for it weighs a ton.

Going under,

pull out all the stops!

Bully her,

chain her,

shut her up.

What happened?

This used to work!?

Not anymore,

No more abuses!

Filled with joy,

nothing can destroy.

God’s Holy Spirit,

leading the charge.

Use me Lord,

in leaps and bounds.

God heard my cries.

Heard my S.O.S.

For in my distress,

God fixed my mess.

Didn’t save the ship,

but tossed me a life saver.

Grabbed hold, feeling bold with God’s confident favor.

Love the way, My lifes unfolding.
It’s God’s Hand, that I’m holding.

God molds, prunes

and refines me.

Only God can truly define me.

Identity in Christ,

For this is Right.


The One Who,

paid the price.

Died for all,

now hear His call.

Serve Him well and
May God’s Kingdom come.

Come today,

come tomorrow,

May Your Will be done,

all over.

Bye bye, ship,

you had your time.

Surrender to God,
Don’t be blind.

Feeling Joy

Feeling Joy
I know You’re here.
If You weren’t
I would feel fear.

I feel You close.
Not to boast.
I’ve loved You
And now it shows.

Your glory abounding
All around me.
It’s You, i
Feel deep in my core.
This feeling,
I can not Ignore.

God’s Holy Spirit
I want more and more.

So fill me Lord
Even more.

I’m spilling over.
Into Your people,
Of whom You adore.

Pride is your bride

Pride is your bride.
All dressed up, nice.

Love her well.
Keep her in a protective shell.

Puffed up and proud.
Being really loud.

Standing tall and proud.
Standing out in the crowd.

Enjoy her by your side. Hold on tightly.
Don’t let go, or life, Might bite ya.

Proud, bold and big.
Always acting like a pig.

Who are you, but in my way?
No time for you, now run away!

Humility reigns not pride and boasting.
Jesus showed us the way.
So who are you joking?

Not fooling anyone, but yourself.
Pride and boasting are wack.
So please stop all of that.

Humble yourself, not to me
But the Lord.
To do anything else,
You just can’t afford.

Jesus paid the price, now follow Him
Not boasting but with humility.

Head held low, yet looking up.
To the ONE who gave us Life and Stuff.

Noah the memory capturer

Noah the memory capturer.

Noah, the memory capturer.

He captures sounds, songs and words.

Words that we have heard before.

Who is that huffing and puffing?

Is that you, PaPa, Dad, dear, Uncle Jeff!?

Did I just hear NaNa, say 

“what”, “I love you” and “huff”?

Couldn’t be, for she has left.

I’m sure that if you listen enough,

You’ll hear a lot more stuff.

As we lose our loved ones,

One at a time, we realize

Their precious lives.

How much they mean

Should be seen, in

actions, words and other deeds.

If you need reminding

Of the preciousness of life.

Ask Noah, for he has captured,

All of the background chatter.

In God’s Holy Grasp

Lord, You have handled me
with such gentleness and care.
In my despair, You truly care,
won’t leave me here, no time to spare.

God’s changing me, this I can see.
Not comfortable, but necessary.
One step at a time, with God’s Hand in mine.

May my life and Yours be intertwined,
till my life is Yours Lord, not mine.

For them to see You, is my heart’s plea.
Don’t know what I’m doing.
Lord, You’ve wiped the slate clean.

Start over, now!
But how!?

“I’ve got you Jen, Now just listen.
I AM your friend, don’t you understand?
Loved you from the start, from the beating of your heart.
You’ve been walking at a distance, slowly filling the gap.”

Now so close, all I see,
is God’s Holy Spirit, working in me.
Narrowed sight, honing in on God, all I see is Him, now.

Where do I start? At the beginning!?

Not at all, God’s been on a roll.

For God’s not yet, called me home.
So do His work, with Love and Strength.
From God’s storehouse, my Righteous Bank.

This world is, a tough one to break. Filled with chaos, strife and hate.

The world is gone, it’s depleted me.
Filled up by God, for He is my NEED.

Things of the world, yes are neat.
But of God, I will keep.

Keep Him close, never stray.
In God’s Holy Grasp, is where I’ll stay.

Lost in God’s Eyes

So lost in God’s Eyes.
This is no surprise.

Keep your eyes on the Lord!
Are the shouts that I heard.

So I looked to The Lord.
For Love and Support.

And He poured it on down
Like He’s always done before.

God’s Love is immense.
You should give it a chance.

More than the world,
Has in store,
Weathering every storm.

Alive in Christ,
Jesus calms the storms.

Even storms that I
Have tried hard to ignore.

Reveal it all Lord.
Strip me bare.

Start at the beginning.
And build up, from there.

Lost in God’s Eyes.
So easy to do.

Don’t want to look away.
So, In this position,
I’ll continue.

Gazing, lovingly into God’s Eyes.

how they


Now the world is gone.
It’s just me and You.

Now there’s nothing

We can’t do.

I struck the rock!

I struck the rock.

✓Just like Moses, I got frustrated with the people.

✓Just like Moses, I lacked patience.

✓Just like Moses, I struck the rock.

I struck the rock by taking on responsibilities in other people’s lives that were God’s, not mine.

When people would come to me with problems I would help them unburden themselves.

Unfortunately a lot of times, after pointing them to the Problem Solver, God.

I would then carry them there, and carry some of that burden for them.

This is not good on so many levels.

  1. If they aren’t feeling the weight of their burden, they won’t feel the need to take it to the Lord.
  2. Carrying them to the Lord, robs them of all of the experiences that create, a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
  3. I don’t have the strength to carry anyone’s burdens.

God always lightened my load in life so that I don’t feel burden, but joy.

But God will only take what is right, the unhealthy excess is why we feel burdened.

If I’m stepping into an area I shouldn’t, in someone’s life, or taking on burdens of others, God will point this out to me.

Because then my burden feels too heavy, when it is weighing me down.

Honestly if I feel burdened at all I know that I need to give it to God.

The ones that are mine to carry.


Release from my grip all that was never mine to carry in the first place.

So while I have quietly criticized Moses for striking the rock, and missing out on seeing the promised land.

In my own life, I’ve been striking the rock.

Because it wasn’t about the faith of Moses, God knew Moses was a faithful man.

But the people Moses was leading, were a rebellious, sometimes faithless crowd.

They were looking at him for God’s instruction, they believe what they see.

What those faithless people saw was that… Moses struck the rock and water came out.

Moses and God knew it wasn’t because Moses struck the rock.

But what does that do for the faithless followers?

Same goes for my striking of the rock.

They see that, I can take these burdens. They see that I, can do……. emphasis on me, not God.

All glory and honor to God not me.

Not to mention I don’t want glory or honor.

Glory and Honor come with a price and I don’t have what it takes to pay that price.

The Lord God Almighty, through Jesus Christ was the only one who had this Payment.

You can’t lead people half way to God and then intercede for them the rest of the way.

Lead them to The Lord, then, ……. Step out of the way and let God be God.

Pay careful attention to your own work, for then you will get the satisfaction of a job well done, and you won’t need to compare yourself to anyone else. For we are each responsible for our own conduct.
Galatians 6:4‭-‬5 NLT

Came to the end, with a filled cup.

The Lord is my reward.

For He is who I adore.
Abide in Him.

Won’t need a thing.
Live in harmony and peace, with bears, bats and lemmings.

Reaching out to get a glimpse.

Of God’s great Sacrifice.
Following Jesus.

For He has shown us.
How to live,

with a bonus.

(The gift of The Holy Spirit)

God’s in control.

This fact I thought,

was already taught.
So live our lives.

In peace and harmony.

For God has got a peaceful army.
Marching forward one step at a time.

All because
The Lord is DeVine.

With the full armor of God.

We can stand tall.
Defeat the enemy.

With plenty of Love.

God is my supply. So fill me up.
Came to the end. With a filled cup.
Overflowing and all.
Cuz when I heard the call.

I ran, not walked, and all evil stopped.

At the sight of our God.

Preparing for battle,
with this odd little girl.

After all, who thought she mattered?

All Satan could do was tattle.

But to who?
For all his army does is chatter and clamor.

For this little girl may be odd.

But she is perfect for this battle.

A Private, Corporal or a Sergeant ? But a position I get.

Not that I deserve it.
Been fighting this fight, all my life.
Now as a senior in God’s army.

The weapon of LOVE is the One that I cherish.
God’s the one fighting.

I just need the armor.

So swing away, The Lord’s calling me home.
I’m done now. I’m ready to go.

Until YOU retire me. I will stay in position.

Poised and ready to Love everyone, for this is my mission.