A Dreamer I may be

A dreamer I may be.

While reaching for Heaven,

I’ve touched some stars.
Had I not dreamed,

I’d touch no stars at all.

While dreaming has sometimes,

Left me screaming.
It’s worth it. I must face my demons.

They have nowhere to hide.

Thought they’d be sly.
God’s got every inch of me covered.
Because of The Gift that He offered.

God’s Holy Spirit has got me on fire.
Creating more and more desire.
Spark turned into a flame.
Now an inferno this is no game.

Jesus came down to fill the gap.
Mend what’s broken.

Pick up our slack.
Take away our sin,

removing Satan’s grin.

Reducing his chances of
Cheating and stealing.
This just got real, those demons thought.

“We better get serious.

We just can’t stop”.

Yet stop you, God did.

By covering our sin.
Now victory is ours.

Because of our Lord.

So Satan give up.
It’s God’s Love that’s so tough.
Can’t penetrate His Forgiveness.
Can’t shame us anymore.
Jesus showed Satan the door.

Final exit: Lake of fire.
Stop it really, you’re just embarrassing yourself now.
Stop throwing a fit. I know you’re pissed.

But God is God.

And you are not!!

Plugged into God’s Holy Light

Plug into God’s Holy Light

Finally at peace, finally at rest.

Now I can give life, my very, very best.

When wrestling with God, He will always win.

If you think you’ve won, then you better think again.

It’s only a delusion, forgive the intrusion.

But I feel there might be a little bit of confusion.

The peace and rest, that makes me, my very very best.

Has left me now, guess I couldn’t pass the test.

A weight on my chest, leaving me a wreck.

Peace, come back, for I really need the rest.

You’re welcomed here, not pain and fear.

Get out of here, We’ll have none of that.

God’s my Peace, so you better back up!

Anything that disturbs my peace, 

must face God’s wrath.

And I know,

I want no part of that..

So Lord, please

Continue to grant me

Peace and Contentment.

This is the way that I stay connected.

Plugged into God, through Jesus Christ.

Made Brighter still, by God’s Holy Light.

God holds my life in His Hands

God You hold my life in Your Hands.
All that happens is in Your plans.

Whether on a mountain top way up high.
Or in a valley, where I feel, I could die.

You’ve got me covered.
Like whip cream on pumpkin pie.

Settle, I could.
But Sicilian am I.
So I’d much rather die.
Then to compromise.

Just kidding, or am I?
When it comes to my faith.
There is no debate, I will not hesitate.
To put you in your place.

My faith is strong, no compromise there.
But with him or her,
I do find common ground.

Preach God’s Word.
Now it’s your turn.

Reach out your hands.
Then take a stand.

For what is Right.
Not what is wrong.

Up until the
Day is done.


“So watch what you say.
Please be purposeful.”

So bored.

Everything’s, Just words.

Words that heal. Words that hurt.

Words that bring about arguments.

Words of hope. Words that demote.

Words that say. You’re alright, okie doke.

Words that slash and Words that make you laugh.

Words of many. Words a plenty.

Sometimes words, Just keep on coming.

Even though. I keep on running.

Control the tongue. When the day is done.

Words sometimes, Can weigh a ton.

Words can also, Make you guilty.

Words of few. Words are spewed.

Words like.      I love you        .

It can be so sweet. Or mistreat.

Words were spoken. By the Lord.

And all took on, It’s earthly form.

You spoke it Lord, And it became.

Exactly what it’s, Supposed to be.

Words are important. God says so.

So watch what you say. Please be purposeful.

Dare to dream

What are you expecting?
I hope it’s not perfection.

Perfection avoids me.
Just like normalcy.

My sanity, projects it.
So who am I fooling?

The supplanter came riding
In on his horse.

Supplanting, and planting,
Didn’t anyone notice?

BiC has lost grip.
Something’s about to rip.

When it does.
Would you please spare me?

Tame the tongue.
While still young.

Try as you might.
Putting up quite a fight.

The supplanter has come to plant the seed.
Dig up the weeds, with disease.

Then feed me with your love and care.
Do I dare to dream, for Jen the Fair?


I feel like such a fraud 

because God controls my thoughts. 

So when a thought comes in, 

it’s God who moves the wind. 

It’s only me, that hears God’s plea. 

God’s Holy Spirit inside of me. 

Appearances can be deceiving. 

Leave a place, after speaking,  

Walk away and think to myself, 

Where did that come from?

It was not of myself.

Didn’t come, from my knowledge. 

Came from God’s storehouse.

So when I’m asked 

“how did you come up with that?” 

I really don’t know 

You’re in God’s house.

Taking credit, for what’s not mine.

That’s how I feel, a lot of the time.

Just like a crook.
But here’s the truth.

It’s all in, God’s Good Book.

That’s where our knowledge

should always come from.

This will help, to keep us humble.

Shaken and Stirred by the turbulent world.

Shaken and stirred,

By this turbulent world.

Swallow us up,

Til’ nothing is left.

Chew us up, And spit us out.

Of this, There is no doubt.

The world is such, A scary place.

Now it’s time, To pick up the pace.

Stop moving, let me off,
Stop rocking and shaking,
I’m doing this now.

Ready, set, go, Now let’s get through this.

Turbulent, the world may be.
But God, calms the storms in me.

When it gets to be too much,
All I need is The Lord’s touch.

Better than Midas, God offers forgiveness.

So accept it, trust me, you won’t regret it.

Don’t keep pace, run your own race.

You can’t make them change.

All you can do is change yourself.
Don’t put yourself on a shelf.

Progress to the next level,
for you, yourself and nobody else.

Sometimes that step is in sink with mine.
Sometimes it’s not, they’re way off the line.

If not in step with mine,
Do I wait, or leave them behind?

Do I get my butt in gear?
Keep walking tall and confident,
Knowing I’m heading towards
Your Light.

Keeping pace with the rest.
This way you get no rest.
And certainly not my very best.

You told us in Scripture Lord,
that we should stand out from the crowd.
Not keeping pace, with the rest.
Lord, You truly want our best.

I must make my Father proud.
Not keeping pace.
But running my own race.

Now dance and shout.
Come on let’s move.

God is repairing me.
This is very clear.

So change or not?!
But I can’t stop!

God’s got me on a mission.
And I can’t stop until I’m finished.

Why do I Resist?

Have some fun!

Why do I resist? 

I know You will persist. 

Loving me the way You do. 

No matter what I go through.

Whether in the rain or in the snow. 

Following You Lord, is where I’ll go. 

Save me from myself. Is all that I can yell. 

As I settle deeper and deeper 

into my cell. 

A prison I have formed. 

Slowly I’ve conformed. 

The straight jacket of life 

Is on, way too tight.

Let me loose. To show you proof. 

Of what God can do. 

In spite of trying to 

destroy yourself.

Stop resisting and start resting. 

God’s got this, Jen, So let’s start living. 

Life is short. So get to work.

Love all

And worship One. 

Since time’s begun.

God has had us in His grip. 

We know the battle’s 

Already been won. 

So let’s just 

have some fun.