To have someone, would be nice

To have someone, that would be nice But not just anyone will suffice  For they must be kind and treat me right The kind that says,  “Love you, God bless you and goodnight”  A love that’s not embarrassed or ashamed To stand by my side through, thick and thin A love that will help meContinue reading “To have someone, would be nice”

Two world’s

I went from a world where misery was the norm.Into a world where seeking happiness and being free of pain is their concern.Neither one, normal for me. The world of misery is misconceived. For you see, what you seek. For in your misery, that you have sought. There will be pain, yet happiness there isContinue reading “Two world’s”

Thankful 11/25/2021

I’m thankful LordFor the breaths You give me. For the wonderful fact.That You,live in me. For every day, a new chance to serve You. Paying You back,By loving others. Not always easy, Yet quite a task. Lord, give me strength, that I might last. Thankful for God,Lord, Love me well. Hold me tight, Making allContinue reading “Thankful 11/25/2021”