Lost in God’s Eyes

So lost in God’s Eyes.This is no surprise. Keep your eyes on the Lord!Are the shouts that I heard. So I looked to The Lord.For Love and Support. And He poured it on downLike He’s always done before. God’s Love is immense.You should give it a chance. More than the world,Has in store,Weathering every storm.Continue reading “Lost in God’s Eyes”

Lord help keep my head held High

With You leading the way. Lord, I will obey. Your Will is for real. Satan just wants to steal. Lie and cheat, leading you to defeat. Not today, or any other day. Go! Get away. You can’t stay! I’ve entertained you long enough. Thought I was a slave, I called your bluff. Following God isContinue reading “Lord help keep my head held High”

Drifting Away

I’m drifting away from the sorrows of tomorrow.  They tend to rain down So much pain and sorrow.  Stop thinking in the past.  Stop gazing at the future.  Please refrain from this stuper.  Just a lingering pain remains. Trust me all pain is not the same.  Some of it produces change While others are lameContinue reading “Drifting Away”

The dangling Carrot

Is the dangling carrot such a bad thing?  If it leads me to the right thing.  Where I can find  peace and quiet.  To eat the carrot once I find it.  Knowing how screwed up I’ve been.  Still wanting to hold my hand.  Touch me here and touch me there.  Trust me now, I’m notContinue reading “The dangling Carrot”