The Holy Trinity is Amazing

Thank You Lord that You consider me. The thought of Your Magnificence is in and of itself Amazing and out of this world. That GOD desires a relationship with us, with me, is Amazing. We have fallen so far from God. Yet God pulls us close to Him and binds us to Himself through TheContinue reading “The Holy Trinity is Amazing”

Touch Therapy

God You are my touch therapy. My thoughts are consumed by You. When the Light wakes me, Who’s the first person that pops into my thoughts. You, My Lord, my Savior and King. Touch me all over. Please don’t miss a spot. If You’re not the One holding me. Then no one can. My thoughtsContinue reading “Touch Therapy”

Throw away the crutches

Throw away the crutches. I’ve used crutches my whole entire life. While The Lord has held me up completely on so many occasions in the past (through His Holy Spirit), I’ve used crutches most of my life to be able to stand upright on my own. I believe that the crutches were given to meContinue reading “Throw away the crutches”

God holds my life in His Hands

God You hold my life in Your Hands.All that happens is in Your plans. Whether on a mountain top way up high.Or in a valley, where I feel, I could die. You’ve got me covered.Like whip cream on pumpkin pie. Settle, I could.But Sicilian am I.So I’d much rather die.Then to compromise. Just kidding, orContinue reading “God holds my life in His Hands”