Plugged into God’s Holy Light

Finally at peace, finally at rest. Now I can give life, my very, very best. When wrestling with God, He will always win. If you think you’ve won, then you better think again. It’s only a delusion, forgive the intrusion. But I feel there might be a little bit of confusion. The peace and rest,Continue reading “Plugged into God’s Holy Light”

God holds my life in His Hands

God You hold my life in Your Hands.All that happens is in Your plans. Whether on a mountain top way up high.Or in a valley, where I feel, I could die. You’ve got me covered.Like whip cream on pumpkin pie. Settle, I could.But Sicilian am I.So I’d much rather die.Then to compromise. Just kidding, orContinue reading “God holds my life in His Hands”