Touch Therapy

God You are my touch therapy. My thoughts are consumed by You. When the Light wakes me, Who’s the first person that pops into my thoughts. You, My Lord, my Savior and King. Touch me all over. Please don’t miss a spot. If You’re not the One holding me. Then no one can. My thoughtsContinue reading “Touch Therapy”

Holy Spirit speak louder than the crowds.

Don’t know how.Turned into a coward. Fortune and fame Has left you lame. Solomon’s quest.Left him beaten and brokenArgued with God, found out when it’s over. All that counts is God and His purpose.The fool runs after the world, Yet keeps repeating the same mistakes.Defaming and slaying the hearts of God’s people. Give us protectionContinue reading “Holy Spirit speak louder than the crowds.”

A Dreamer I may be

A dreamer I may be. While reaching for Heaven, I’ve touched some stars.Had I not dreamed, I’d touch no stars at all. While dreaming has sometimes, Left me screaming.It’s worth it. I must face my demons. They have nowhere to hide. Thought they’d be sly.God’s got every inch of me covered.Because of The Gift thatContinue reading “A Dreamer I may be”

Plugged into God’s Holy Light

Finally at peace, finally at rest. Now I can give life, my very, very best. When wrestling with God, He will always win. If you think you’ve won, then you better think again. It’s only a delusion, forgive the intrusion. But I feel there might be a little bit of confusion. The peace and rest,Continue reading “Plugged into God’s Holy Light”

God holds my life in His Hands

God You hold my life in Your Hands.All that happens is in Your plans. Whether on a mountain top way up high.Or in a valley, where I feel, I could die. You’ve got me covered.Like whip cream on pumpkin pie. Settle, I could.But Sicilian am I.So I’d much rather die.Then to compromise. Just kidding, orContinue reading “God holds my life in His Hands”


So bored. Everything’s, Just words. Words that heal. Words that hurt. Words that bring about arguments. Words of hope. Words that demote. Words that say. You’re alright, okie doke. Words that slash and Words that make you laugh. Words of many. Words a plenty. Sometimes words, Just keep on coming. Even though. I keep onContinue reading “Words”

Dare to dream

What are you expecting?I hope it’s not perfection. Perfection avoids me.Just like normalcy. My sanity, projects it.So who am I fooling? The supplanter came ridingIn on his horse. Supplanting, and planting,Didn’t anyone notice? BiC has lost grip.Something’s about to rip. When it does.Would you please spare me? Tame the tongue.While still young. Try as youContinue reading “Dare to dream”


I feel like such a fraud  because God controls my thoughts.  So when a thought comes in,  it’s God who moves the wind.  It’s only me, that hears God’s plea.  God’s Holy Spirit inside of me.  Appearances can be deceiving.  Leave a place, after speaking,   Walk away and think to myself,  Where did that comeContinue reading “Humbled”

Shaken and Stirred by the turbulent world.

Shaken and stirred, By this turbulent world. Swallow us up, Til’ nothing is left. Chew us up, And spit us out. Of this, There is no doubt. The world is such, A scary place. Now it’s time, To pick up the pace. Stop moving, let me off, Stop rocking and shaking, I’m doing this now.Continue reading “Shaken and Stirred by the turbulent world.”

Don’t keep pace, run your own race.

You can’t make them change. All you can do is change yourself. Don’t put yourself on a shelf. Progress to the next level, for you, yourself and nobody else. Sometimes that step is in sink with mine. Sometimes it’s not, they’re way off the line. If not in step with mine, Do I wait, orContinue reading “Don’t keep pace, run your own race.”