Why do I Resist?

Why do I resist?  I know You will persist.  Loving me the way You do.  No matter what I go through. Whether in the rain or in the snow.  Following You Lord, is where I’ll go.  Save me from myself. Is all that I can yell.  As I settle deeper and deeper  into my cell. Continue reading “Why do I Resist?”

Wales and Elephants

Wales and Elephants, the biggest on earth.  Both giants, with plenty of girth.  Yet with their power, they choose not to devour.  Both gentle and kind, Considering their size.  Reminding me of their Creator.  God, who they’ve modeled.  The One who made them.  Because in His strength. Make no mistake.  God’s Power, should make youContinue reading “Wales and Elephants”

Lord help keep my head held High

With You leading the way. Lord, I will obey. Your Will is for real. Satan just wants to steal. Lie and cheat, leading you to defeat. Not today, or any other day. Go! Get away. You can’t stay! I’ve entertained you long enough. Thought I was a slave, I called your bluff. Following God isContinue reading “Lord help keep my head held High”

Change is Here to Stay

Change is definitely,  here to stay.  Today is a brand new day.  With many trials of its own.  Lord You’ve brought me through it all.  Making me Your own.  Better now, that I’m aware.   Thought serving others, was what I must bear.  A doormat is what I became.  Wipe your feet, no, it’s no bother. Continue reading “Change is Here to Stay”

God’s Holy Spirit Lives in me.

No longer sitting on the edge of my seat.  Living life on the edge.  Just meets defeat.  No this is not for me.  Thought I had to pay a fee.  Always tripping me up you see.  Walking by sight and not by faith. Walking by sight gave me such a fright. On the edge ofContinue reading “God’s Holy Spirit Lives in me.”

The Mender

JJ the Mender.  He will make it all better.  Mend you up better than ever.  Be bold not shy,  Let’s give this thing one more try. New experiences never had. New insights given rise.  Who is this person in the mirror that I don’t recognize?  Where did she come from and what does she want?Continue reading “The Mender”

Time’s Abused

Time’s abused,  always getting used.  Never satisfied.  Not enough,  or too much.  Want to be young yet, wise.  Time’s the only way,  to have wisdom for today.  Time goes on,  like it or not.  That’s why we must Care,  not living life  without thought.  Can’t get it back,  Once it’s gone. Taken Time for granted, Continue reading “Time’s Abused”

Left Behind?!?

Left behind, but by whom.  Not the Lord, but by the world.  That’s OK, I’ll walk not run.  But of the world, I am done.  Leave me behind, it’s OK.  Feels like I’m going to win today.  God by my side, that’s no surprise. The world’s a joke, now I’ve got to go.  God’s inContinue reading “Left Behind?!?”

This is Just a test.

So much of this, is just a test.  What is the lesson, so I can rest. The Just is here,  now draw me near.  Don’t be faint, be fair.  This will build Your character.  So many times I’ve tried to fight it. But now I just can’t deny it.  Thoughts get stuck.  Wondering what?  HowContinue reading “This is Just a test.”