My mind is racing. Racing all over  Thoughts are ridiculous,  coming faster and faster.  But what do I do with all of the thoughts that fall through?  Do I just toss them aside or look at them later?  I don’t know how that’s possible,  being that later never comes.  So then what do I doContinue reading “Restoration”

Are you existing or living?

The way You care for me LORD, it’s out of this world! Your Hand in mine, one step at a time. With care and ease is how We move. Separation is not optional, as connected as possible. We will brave the elements of life together. I can’t do this without You. So come on let’sContinue reading “Are you existing or living?”

Before it’s too late

I can make requests, but God knows what’s best. Fussing and fightingWill get you nowhere. Sanity left, I need it back. Somewhere between sweetAnd meek. All jumbled up in my head. Sometimes, wish I were dead. Cause then Lord, I could explain. Why I do the things that seem insane. Guess I needed reminding. God’sContinue reading “Before it’s too late”

Drifting Away

I’m drifting away from the sorrows of tomorrow.  They tend to rain down So much pain and sorrow.  Stop thinking in the past.  Stop gazing at the future.  Please refrain from this stuper.  Just a lingering pain remains. Trust me all pain is not the same.  Some of it produces change While others are lameContinue reading “Drifting Away”

Bold and Beautiful

Trained so well. Not to fail. Push, shove. Where’s the love? Dumb, dumb.How can you understand? Go write your poemsCut your heart open. Bare it allWhat do you have to lose?It’s God that loosens the noose. Choking me out.What does it matter? Restoration’s in the AIR.So tighten the saddle. The simple is who You use.LabelContinue reading “Bold and Beautiful”


Not that I’m angry or even upset. It’s just that I’m disappointed in myself. Who would have thought That putting yourself first Would be so hard. I forgot and  it blindsided me Left a scar. What’s the harm  in bending the knee.  It just makes sense to me. Put others first Which places you last.Continue reading “Backsliding”