Dare to dream

What are you expecting?I hope it’s not perfection. Perfection avoids me.Just like normalcy. My sanity, projects it.So who am I fooling? The supplanter came ridingIn on his horse. Supplanting, and planting,Didn’t anyone notice? BiC has lost grip.Something’s about to rip. When it does.Would you please spare me? Tame the tongue.While still young. Try as youContinue reading “Dare to dream”


I feel like such a fraud  because God controls my thoughts.  So when a thought comes in,  it’s God who moves the wind.  It’s only me, that hears God’s plea.  God’s Holy Spirit inside of me.  Appearances can be deceiving.  Leave a place, after speaking,   Walk away and think to myself,  Where did that comeContinue reading “Humbled”

Shaken and Stirred by the turbulent world.

Shaken and stirred, By this turbulent world. Swallow us up, Til’ nothing is left. Chew us up, And spit us out. Of this, There is no doubt. The world is such, A scary place. Now it’s time, To pick up the pace. Stop moving, let me off, Stop rocking and shaking, I’m doing this now.Continue reading “Shaken and Stirred by the turbulent world.”

Don’t keep pace, run your own race.

You can’t make them change. All you can do is change yourself. Don’t put yourself on a shelf. Progress to the next level, for you, yourself and nobody else. Sometimes that step is in sink with mine. Sometimes it’s not, they’re way off the line. If not in step with mine, Do I wait, orContinue reading “Don’t keep pace, run your own race.”

Why do I Resist?

Why do I resist?  I know You will persist.  Loving me the way You do.  No matter what I go through. Whether in the rain or in the snow.  Following You Lord, is where I’ll go.  Save me from myself. Is all that I can yell.  As I settle deeper and deeper  into my cell. Continue reading “Why do I Resist?”

Wales and Elephants

Wales and Elephants, the biggest on earth.  Both giants, with plenty of girth.  Yet with their power, they choose not to devour.  Both gentle and kind, Considering their size.  Reminding me of their Creator.  God, who they’ve modeled.  The One who made them.  Because in His strength. Make no mistake.  God’s Power, should make youContinue reading “Wales and Elephants”

Lord help keep my head held High

With You leading the way. Lord, I will obey. Your Will is for real. Satan just wants to steal. Lie and cheat, leading you to defeat. Not today, or any other day. Go! Get away. You can’t stay! I’ve entertained you long enough. Thought I was a slave, I called your bluff. Following God isContinue reading “Lord help keep my head held High”

Change is Here to Stay

Change is definitely,  here to stay.  Today is a brand new day.  With many trials of its own.  Lord You’ve brought me through it all.  Making me Your own.  Better now, that I’m aware.   Thought serving others, was what I must bear.  A doormat is what I became.  Wipe your feet, no, it’s no bother. Continue reading “Change is Here to Stay”